Rachel is a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Body/Wise Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Also a proud graduate of the Institute for Massage Education at the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, she has been trained in a variety of bodywork styles. Rachel enjoys connecting with her clients, getting to the root of their bodywork concerns, and helping improve their health and wellbeing through this process.

"I chose to become a massage therapist after working for several years as a nurse in critical care and radiology. The people I have cared for have been primarily suffering from advanced stages of disease. Getting to know these people and their families - and hearing from many that their lives had not gone as they'd hoped because of their illness - got me seriously thinking about the importance of preventative healthcare. I began to want to help people in a different way, more directly improving the quality of their lives for the long term.

"I believe the human body is an amazing organic machine with the ability to heal itself. Day in and day out, our bodies can endure a lot of stress: physical, emotional, mental. This stress hinders the body's ability to bring itself back into balance. Massage is a wonderful tool that can help facilitate this innate healing process and bring the body closer to optimal health.

"I am passionate about honoring the wisdom of the body, and I love giving massage treatments almost as much as I love receiving them! Outside of the therapy room, I enjoy playing music with The Red Sea Pedestrians, and spending time with my awesome husband and our three fuzzy cats."